Entel 782


For those requiring an entry level marine portable, with a no compromise MIL-STD810 C/D/E/F build specification, the HT642 / HT782 (VHF/UHF) is the most cost effective solution. Utilising the latest intelligent Lithium-Ion battery technology with battery cycle count* the HT642 / HT782 will even alert you to imminent battery life expiration. 


Entel is the first manufacturer to offer the superior IP68 specification.  Not content with just the standard IP67 entry-level (1 metre for 30 minutes) Entel's IP68 HT series is certified as waterproof-submersible to an unprecedented depth of 5 metres for 60 minutes.
Aware that the smallest tolerances of case size and material variation alone could compromise your radio's waterproof integrity, uniquely, each individual Entel portable is tested on a custom-built air pressure test-jig to ensure it meets the exacting high standards that have been set
Meeting MIL-STD 810C/D/E/F commercial grade construction for tough, enduring performance, the Entel's HT and HX series 2.0 portables conform to stringent standards, enabling them to withstand the everyday rigours of shock, vibration and the corrosive effects of dust and moisture, ensuring many years of trouble free use in the most hostile environments.
All Entel portables come with the latest intelligent Lithium-Ion battery technology as standard. Whichever model you choose, these batteries will count the number of completed charge cycles, which on LCD variants, if dealer enabled, can be displayed when you power-on your radio. 

For your convenience it will even alert you to imminent battery life expiration. Another advantage of Lithium-Ion battery technology is the way it maximizes duty cycles, while the elimination of memory effect means there is no need to fully discharge the cells before recharging. Therefore you are assured a full duty cycle each and every time you take your radio from its charger.
Entel proposes to continuously add/upgrade features to its range of radios. Using Flash Upgrade technology your radios can be upgraded at any time.
The entry HTx42 / HTx82 / HTx48 marine models all come with 16 channels. These can be any combination of INT, USA, CAN or private channels. 
If more channels are needed, see the HTx83, HTx44 or HTx49 marine models.
For those users looking for an entry level portable with minimum functionality, the 3 key model is ideal.
Allows you to connect a Bluetooth audio or data accessory.
Speaks the channel number and basic settings so you can operate the radio without having to look at it.
Allows you to easily configure another radio to match your system.


Manufacturer: Entel
Product: Entel 782
Category: Communications