The AP9S practical, ergonomic design means that the settings can be quickly adjusted by rotary control or touch pads.Precision steering is supplied through rate of turn, rudder limits and counter rudder in addition to standard weather, rudder and trim controls.

It has been specially developed for Electronic Tiebar Vessels, controlling Dual Solenoid blocks for Dual Rudders. It has Inputs for Dual Rudder feedback and has the same functions as the Standard AP9.

Utilizing the latest electronic technology, it operates through analogue controls which have proven to be the most reliable and accurate method of autopilot steering available.

It can operate as a stand alone system or alternatively, you can integrate the system with navigational equipment such as GPS, radar and plotting systems, providing waypoint steering when connected. With the addition of a hand or panel remote, it can be operated conveniently from virtually any position on the vessel.

The AP9S autopilot can be designed to meet the needs and requirements of any vessel or customer. This puts you way ahead of the rest.

You have the option of adding:
Steering wheel,
Steering levers,
Rudder indicators
Gyro interface
This enables you to meet any operational requirements.

All of our AP9s come with a rate compass to enable ease of fitting, also gives the added benefit of not needing to be re- swung.

Drive Units

Tecmarine can supply a range of reversing pumps or continuous flow pump sets with directional solenoid valves. As this is very specific to your vessel, please contact us for an up to date quote.


Main control panel
Rudder feedback unit
Rate compass with 5m cable
Mounting Hardware and brackets
Operation Manual.



Manufacturer: TMQ
Product: TMQ AP9S
Category: Auto Pilots / Auto Pilots

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Key Features

  • Locks onto current course when auto is engaged
  • Pre-set course selection for hands-off navigation
  • Rate of turn and counter-rudder customised to vessel
  • Off course alarms
  • Timer can be used as watch alarm, event timer or commercial watch alarm
  • Luminescent front panel for night operation
  • Gyro compass input
  • Factory designed to support up to three remote stations.